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Shipping costs

The following surcharges apply for orders in our online shop:

Deliveries within Germany and the EU: If the order amount is below EUR 50.- (net), a surcharge of EUR 20.- will be invoiced.  

Deliveries are carriage paid

  • from EUR 100.- within Germany
  • from EUR 250.- within the EU/Europe
CountryShipping costs until max. 10 kg
Germany5,90 EUR
France*19,50 EUR
Croatia60,00 EUR
Netherlands*17,50 EUR
Luxemburg17,50 EUR
Austria17,50 EUR
Belgium17,50 EUR
Italy*   19,50 EUR
Czech Republic19,50 EUR
Denmark*17,50 EUR
Great Britain*22,70 EUR
Monaco19,50 EUR
Portugal22,70 EUR
Poland19,50 EUR
Slovenia22,70 EUR
Hungary22,70 EUR
Slovakia22,70 EUR
Ireland22,70 EUR
Spain19,50 EUR
Sweden22,70 EUR
Finland22,70 EUR
Estonia22,70 EUR
Latvia22,70 EUR
Lithuania22,70 EUR
Switzerland / Liechtenstein22,70 EUR
Bulgaria   22,70 EUR
Romania22,70 EUR
Greece22,70 EUR
Norway22,70 EUR

* Netherlands and France without overseas territories, Denmark without Greenland and Faroe Islands, Italy incl. Vatican City. Island surcharges are charged for parts of the British Isles with Northern Ireland and the Scottish Highlands, for the Isle of Man, as well as for Guernsey and Jersey.